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BREAKING STORY: Ransomware infects 300,000+ computers in at least 150 countries..."How to know if you're vulnerable to cyber attacks?"...
100% Guaranteed Data Destruction
Black Belt Data Destruction will protect your data, your brand and the environment.
  •  Proof of Data Destruction
  •  100% Regulatory Compliance
  •  Prepaid Shipping Labels
  •  Video of Your Hard Drive(s) Being Destroyed
  •  Option to Upgrade to Live Stream Shredding
Peace Of Mind In 4 Simple Steps
1. Choose A Container
Pick the right size container for security your needs. Each kit includes destruction for up to the purchased quantity.
2. Pack And Ship it
Record serial numbers, seal in tear-proof bag & box provided. Shipping & tracking is included!
3. Watch Shred Replay
You will receive an email when you can watch a replay video of your hard-drives been fully destroyed.
4. Print Certificate
Log in to your account to watch a 
Solo: 1 HDD
Price: $47 $37
Regular: Up to 8 HDD
Price: $77 $57
Large: Up to 20 HDD
Price: $147 $97
Watch Via LIVE Stream
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Peace Of Mind In 3 Easy Steps
1. Purchase a box.
Sizes ranging from 1 - 30 HDD
2. Label, seal and ship.
3. Watch the action.
We'll send you a link to watch your items get shred. Watch the action in real-time with our
Live Stream upgrade.
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Peace Of Mind In 3 Easy Steps
1. Choose a box.
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2. Label, seal and ship.
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3. Check inbox for link.
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